=>Vanuit Bangkok naar Samui, en zullen we rond 14.30 aankomen.
Vervolgens gaan we naar het hotel Chaweng-resort nabij het chaweng-beach:

Hier zullen we drie overnachtingen blijven om vervolgens weer door te trekken richting Koh Tao. Waar we onze duikcursus zullen gaan halen, Pasje haar Open-Water brevet en moi voor het Advanced-Dive Brevet!

Op Samui zijn vele toeristische trekpleisters, maar dit willen we toch proberen zoveel mogelijk te vermijden. We bevinden ons namelijk in het tussenseizoen en zal het gaanderweg drukker worden met Toeristen! Het hoogseizoen begint halverwege de maand november.

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Koh Samui
One of Thailand's favorite island destinations, Koh Samui is famous for it's beautiful stretches of white sandy beaches, relaxed lifestyle and exotic flavor.
This beautiful island off the south eastern coast of Thailand is covered with coconut plantations and circled by palm-fringed beaches.  Coconuts are still the mainstay of the local economy where up to two million of them are shipped to Bangkok each month.
The most popular beaches are Hat Chaweng and Hat Lamai: both have good swimming and snorkeling but are getting a little crowded. For more peace and quiet, try Mae Nam, Bo Phut and Big Buddha on the northern coast. The main town on the island is Nathon.
The vast majority of travelers going to Koh Samui arrive to Thailand's capital city of Bangkok first, and make their island getaway arrangements from there. The links below will help you with those arrangements. Compare shop the world's airlines from your departing city to Bangkok for the lowest fares possible. If you like or use the hotel guide to help find the accommodations which best suits your needs.

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