De nieuwe luchthaven van Bangkok, waar we op de 28-10-2006 aan zullen komen!

September 28, 2006: Bangkok's new US$3 billion airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport, has opened & by 9 AM over 100 flights have landed, disembarked passengers, out bound passengers seated & taken off again. It is 25 Km / 17 miles from downtown Bangkok, connected by modern express way.  High speed rail connection is under construction & expected to be completed in late 2007. It is the largest airport in Southeast Asia & boasts the world's biggest single terminal building.  It can handle over 75 flights per hour & 45 million passengers per year.  Tourism accounts for almost 15% of the Thai GNP & this new airport is designed to make Bangkok the leading air hub & tourist destination in Asia.

1st plane to arrive was Lufthansa freighter LH 8442 at 3AM & Suvarnabhumi Airport was officially operational.  More than 800 planes will land & take off today!  120, 000 Passengers are scheduled to pass through the airport on it's first day! 2006

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